Oily Skinned Dogs, Causes and Solutions

One thing I’ve learned on this journey of being a dog mom, is all dogs are different. Like people, dogs have their own unique personalities, preferences, and quirks. Not only in their physiological make-up, but also their physical make-up.

itchy dog, oatmeal, dry skin, dog grooming, dog shampoo, dog skin condition, oily skin, puppy, dog, oklahoma, oklahoma cityIn other words, just like humans, different dogs have different needs when it comes to taking care of their physical bodies. Today, we’re going to look at breeds who tend to have a greasy coat/skin issue and what you can do about it.

The very first thing you must do if your dog has a skin or fur ailment is take her to your veterinarian. There are skin issues, like Seborrhea, which can cause extreme dryness or extreme oiliness. If left untreated, this disease can bring great harm to your dog. You do not want to take chances with something like that.

Breeds most commonly affected with the genetic form of seborrhea are:

Basset Hound


Doberman Pinscher

English Springer


German Shepherd

Golden Retriever

Irish Setter

Labrador Retriever

Shar-Pei West

Highland White Terrier

Some dogs, especially any dogs bred for water retrieval, are naturally oilier than others. Other causes for oily skin/coat can be allergies, parasite bites, like fleas or mites, and hormonal issues.

If your dog is otherwise healthy, he may just get a little greasy now and then, like those of us with combination skin. I recommend a good, all natural, dry shampoo to help between baths. Dry shampoo isn’t meant to be used weekly, or even bi-weekly as it may cause dry skin. But, a dose right in between grooming appointments will probably help control the oils in your dog’s coat. It’s easy to use and helps deodorize dogs too.

Another option is to shorten the time period between your dog’s bath to 6 weeks and use a moisturizing shampoo bar like our oatmeal lavender bar. The soap in the shampoo bar will help control oils and the moisturizing aloe will help maintain the balance in your dog’s skin. Citrus, like our sweet orange smell away spray, will help maintain oils between bath time.

Remember, if your dog has oily skin, be sure he sees his veterinarian before treating his oily skin yourself. These precious pups of ours have very little ways to communicate with us. We must be their eyes and ears!



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