About Us!

Hi there! We’re a mother daughter team and the creative force behind Bow Wow Bath Shop. You see, we love our dog.

Her name is Clover. She is spoiled. Babied. She prefers our bed, our couch, our laps etc. She’s a 60-pound lap dog and we’re okay with that. In fact, we’re better than okay with it, we love it. The only time we don’t love her cuddling up with us is when her next grooming appointment is weeks away, but she needs a bath now!

Bathing her between appointments isn’t good for her skin, so what could we do?

Put up with the smell? Stop cuddling with her? Bathe her anyway? None of those were real options so we came up with our own plan. Why can’t we find something…make something…that is good for her, good for her skin, her health, her well-being, and give us the much-required cuddle time we’re (and she) is used to?

So, we started researching, making practice batches and before we knew it, we had a whole line of products which have not only given us that wonderful snuggle time we love, but have also benefited her in ways we didn’t know she needed.

We’re guessing you’re here because you too have a pup you love…who you love to pamper. Take a few minutes and peruse our products. Every product is all natural—no chemical additives—with all ingredients chosen because of their specific benefits to those four-legged children we love so much.

We pamper ourselves…isn’t it natural to pamper our pets too? We think so…and we bet you do too!